And they’re adorable.

UPDATE: It just isn't spring without seasonal cereal.

Reese's Puffs themselves confirmed Reese's Puffs Bunnies will be back on shelves soon for the fourth year in a row. You can grab a regular-sized box for $2.50, or do it up family-size style for $3.99.

Forget Peeps—I think it’s time we make Reese’s the official candy of Easter. There’s already a Reese’s egg (which, in my opinion, is far superior to the tree, pumpkin, heart, or whatever other holiday-themed shape the company comes up with), and I’ve just learned that a bunny version of Reese’s Puffs cereal exists. What?! Reese’s is taking this holiday by storm, people.

Instagram user @snackbetch spotted a box at CVS this week.

It’s a “must buy,” according to the post.

Apparently the bunnies made their first appearance back in two years ago, but this is the first we’re hearing of them.

According to Cerealously, a wonderfully named cereal blog that covered this back in 2017, the bunnies taste just like their spherical counterparts—but better.

“Why? Because the many nooks and crannies of these crunchy bunnies—from the folds of their ears to the pits of their paws—allow for more delicious peanut butter powder to adhere and stick to each piece,” the blog reads. “Just be warned: this extra powder also makes grabbing a handful of Reese’s Bunnies more messy than sneezing into a powdered doughnut.”

Reese’s, you glorious Easter geniuses, you’ve done it again.