Valentine’s Day GOALS.
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Credit: Hershey

When you want to tell someone you like them on Valentine’s Day, give them a dozen roses. But when you want to show someone you love them, give them this:


That, my friends, is on sale at Walmart for a mere $45. The aptly named Reese's Extravaganza Bouquet contains 36 Reese’s peanut butter cups accented with faux orange flowers.

Walmart describes it as “the perfect gift for special occasions or just because,” and they’re definitely not wrong.

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I mean … can you imagine?! If someone gave this to me I’d offer my hand in marriage on the spot.

People on the internet seem equally enthused:

If your significant other isn’t a fan of Reese’s, break up with them immediately. But if you insist upon staying with someone who is clearly insane, Walmart also offers Twizzler, Baby Ruth, Ferrero Rocher, Kit Kat, and M&M’s versions.