And the name just might “make you cry.”

Pawhuska, Oklahoma is about to get just a little bit sweeter, because Ree Drummond (a.k.a The Pioneer Woman) just announced that she’s adding an ice cream shop to her empire.

“We are opening a little ice cream place in town later this week,” she wrote on her blog. “It will have cones and sundaes and fun candy, and Bryce and his friend Kevin were happy to volunteer as tribute (tasters) last week.”

The shop is set to open this week but, so far, details are scarce.

Credit: The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman

Drummond shared a photo of the “bare bones” of the building and dropped a few hints about what the interior will look like: “We basically painted the brick white, had the bench built in, added pendant lights, and brought in some tables. We have a little more work to do this week (we’ll paint some fun murals on the wall) but we’re almost there!”

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Drummond hasn’t released the store’s name yet, but she did suggest that there’s a sentimental story behind it.

“I’ll tell you what we’re calling it later this week,” she teased. It might make you cry.”