Butter&’s bright idea helps bring in money during a tough time for bakeries and restaurants.

These days, it sure doesn’t feel like there’s much to celebrate. But just because we’re all social distancing and partying via video conference doesn’t mean that people just suddenly stop having birthdays. And what’s a birthday without a cake?

Thankfully, some bakeries have found a way to keep going at a time of occasional food shortages and closed restaurants. One bakery caught up in San Francisco’s “shelter in place” mandate has found a way to not only persist in pumping out baked goods, but providing helpful health reminders as they do it.

In the hopes of generating enough revenue to stay afloat while so much of San Francisco is shut down, local bakery Butter& has been selling “Quarantine Cakes” for take out and delivery orders. Each is emblazoned with a hopeful and/or useful message like “Wash your hands” or “Pretend you’re an introvert.”

Beyond the fact that making and selling the cakes helps keep Butter& bringing in money at a time when the fate of so many fall businesses around the country hangs in the balance, Butter& founder Amanda Nguyen also sees this as a way to make the lives of her customers a little bit better during a difficult time.

“In times of social isolation and fear, it’s human connection, acts of love, and comfort food that will get us through it,” the caption announcing the launch of Butter&’s Quarantine Cakes reads.

Early evidence suggests that the effort has wildly exceeded Nguyen’s expectations, with the bakery experiencing a significant influx of orders and outpouring of support.

“Today was literally the busiest day in Butter& history. What started as Butter&’s worst week ended up being our best in just over 24 hours,” the caption reads. “You not only helped us cover costs for the week, you even enabled us to add to our reserves.”

Despite a citywide lockdown, the Quarantine Cakes will keep on coming, with Butter & noting that “we’re still making these quarantine cakes and we’ll keep spreading CDC-approved messaging around the city as long as it’s allowed.”

While Butter& is out here providing good food and good advice, they aren’t the only bakery tapping into the Coronavirus zeitgeist for inspiration. It looks like the bakery section of Publix tried to make light of everyone panic-buying toilet paper with a cake of their own.

Either way, there’s never been a better time to eat an entire cake by yourself than right now. Nobody can judge you, and you’re probably helping out a local bakery that could desperately use the revenue. Just don’t forget to wash your hands first.