pup-up bar
Credit: Devil's Backbone Brewery

Here’s a fact about me that nobody asked for: I will only attend events that are guaranteed to provide me with plenty of dog-petting and beer-drinking opportunities.

This is 100 percent true—you can ask my (often exasperated) friends and family. I will not leave my house for anything less than a pup and a Miller Lite.

So I’m absolutely devastated that I live nowhere near Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company in Washington D.C. and cannot go to its “Pup-Up Bar” this weekend.

Hosted at Midlands DC Beer Garden, the March 23 pop-up will celebrate National Puppy Day—one of the only arbitrary holidays that actually matters.

And did I mention there will be DOG BARTENDERS? Five very good boys and girls—June, Cooper, Basil, Gatsby, and Maggie—will act as “pup-tenders,” serving beer from vests attached to their backs.

The Fab Five (the name I just gave to the aforementioned dog waiters) won’t be the only puppers in attendance: Guests are encouraged to bring their own dogs, and adoptable doggos from City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties will be there as well.

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“While we’re excited to be releasing five Gold Leaf cans this summer with illustrations of the winning dogs, we ultimately hope that this event and sales of Gold Leaf will help some special City Dogs in need of homes," Marisa Black, marketing director for Devil's Backbone Brewing Company, told Forbes.

In a move that I completely endorse, Devil’s Backbone is also hosting an Adventure Dog contest. You can submit photos of your precious pups until April 1. If your dog wins, their sweet little mugs will be featured on the brewery's Gold Leaf Lager cans all summer.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the D.C. area on Saturday, go to 3333 Georgia Ave NW Washington D.C. 20010—and send me pics.

But if you’re in a sad, pup-up-less place like me, at least you and your furry friend can celebrate National Puppy Day with this dog-friendly beer.