By: Michelle Klug

Some people are lucky enough to love water so much, they have no problem fulfilling the 13 cups (16 for men) per day requirement.

I, on the other hand, have trouble getting excited about such a bland liquid. I crave it when I am really, really thirsty or after a workout but 13 cups a day? Nah!

Soda, on the other hand, I can get on board with. Sweet, tasty, and bubbly is much more my style. Too bad it’s loaded with 140 calories per can. For me, diet varieties just don’t cut it and I can’t get used to the aspartame-sweetened aftertaste.

I find stevia to be the no-cal sweetener most similar in taste to sugar. One soda brand that uses stevia is Zevia. With 15 flavors, from classic cherry cola and cream soda to childhood favorites like grape and orange soda, Zevia’s sodas taste remarkably similar to regular soda, but are calorie-free and natural.

We have quite the diverse sampling group at My Recipes. Our pregnant associate editor enjoyed a natural, non-caffeinated Grapefruit-Citrus Zevia and liked that fact that is was clear, and not artificial neon pink (the Grape is clear too, surprise!). Our diabetic editor liked the Ginger Ale Zevia and said this:

I don’t have any nutrition restrictions, besides thinking water is boring and my favorite was Cream Soda and Cherry Cola. As a long time Cherry Coke fan, I am definitely going to be making the switch and am curious to try Orange and Dr. Zevia (2 of my favorite soda varieties).

I found Zevia at my local Whole Foods Market, but they are available nationwide at Kroger and Safeway.