These pairings are worthy of a lifetime Walmart ban. 
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In these tumultuous times, bringing the entire internet together seems like an almost impossible feat.


For those of you who’ve been living under rocks, here’s what happened: A Texas woman was banned from her local Walmart this week for drinking wine out of a Pringles can. Employees say she had been aimlessly riding around the parking lot on an electric scooter while sipping from the booze-filled can since early that morning.

Listen: I’m not saying that this was a wise use of this woman’s time and Walmart’s resources. But if guzzling wine from a Pringles can at 6 a.m. in a grocery store parking lot is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Most people who’ve commented on the story seem to agree:

Whenever a hero emerges, it’s only natural to want to emulate their achievements. But wait! To fully appreciate this Pringles/wine combo, you must pair them appropriately. You can’t just go around drinking a Chianti from a Sour Cream & Onion can—what is this, amateur hour?

I spent an absurd amount of time (far more than could be considered reasonable or professional) researching which wines pair best with which Pringle flavors based on acidity, intensity, and overall flavor.

Here’s what I found:

Pair Original Pringles with Champagne

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Champagne pairs perfectly with anything salty, and salt is the overwhelming flavor here.

Pair Pizza Pringles with Rosé

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Pizza is (in my opinion) the crème de la crème of Pringles flavors, so I made sure to do extra research on this one. Pairing wine with pizza is a difficult task, because different toppings are going to call for different bottles. Pizza Pringles taste more like tomatoes than anything, though, and that’s what I based this decision on. Acidic foods should be paired with wines that match their acidity, so reach for a dry pink the next time you crack open this can.

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Pair Cheddar Pringles with Cabernet Sauvignon

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This is tough, because cheddar pairs well with a number of different wines. Ultimately, I went with a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon that will draw out the bold cheddar flavors in this chip.

Pair Sour Cream & Onion Pringles with Chardonnay

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I’m going to be upfront with you and admit that this is easily debatable. While this refreshing white will perfectly complement the sour cream flavor, it’s usually reserved for milder foods. But nobody ever said that pairing Pringles and wine is a perfect science, so we’re going to go with chardonnay on this one.

Pair BBQ Pringles with Pinot Noir

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This recommendation comes straight from our friends at Food & Wine: “One thing that’s common to a lot of (barbecue flavored chips) is yeast extract, which essentially imparts a savory, umami note—the sort of thing that’s ideal with an earthy, spicy Pinot Noir.”