Spoilers ahead.

By Corey Williams
Updated November 30, 2018
Princess Switch
Credit: Netflix / Target

If you haven’t seen The Princess Switch yet, congrats on your ability to make good life choices. The film, which stars Vanessa Hudgens in a dual role, is clearly Netflix’s latest attempt to destroy the Hallmark Channel.

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Here’s a quick synopsis: Stacy DeNovo, an uptight pastry chef from Chicago, travels to the fictional country of Belgravia to compete on a baking competition show. She is joined by her impossibly good looking sous chef and his daughter. On her first day there, she bumps into the free-spirited Lady Margaret of Montenaro (also played by Vanessa Hudgens). Lady Margaret is set to marry the prince of Belgravia, but wants to experience life as a normal woman before her wedding. Naturally, she and Stacy switch lives for two days. They each fall in love with the other’s partner and everybody lives happily ever after. Also, this is all happening at Christmastime and there’s an angel who guides the characters into making the right choices. I mean, I guess he was an angel? He could’ve been a kindly stalker. His presence was never really explained.

So, yeah—we’re not talking Oscar-worthy material here, but there have been worse movies.

I’ve learned, through years of happily consuming the absolute trashiest content the film industry has to offer, that suspension of disbelief is crucial to enjoyment. It doesn’t matter that these two women are inexplicably identical, or even that nobody calls the police when they realize they are being followed by this weird-friendly-angel-stalker-man.

Those are clearly things that happen in this world, so that’s fine.

I was happy to blindly accept every single plot hole this movie threw at me—until I wasn’t.

The night before the competition (remember, that’s why we’re here in the first place), Stacy’s baking nemesis sneaks onto the set and cuts the cord to her KitchenAid stand mixer. Kinda weird that a high profile television show about making cakes wouldn’t have a replacement, but OK.

Somehow, she and her partner are able to make two layers of an elaborate, multi-layer cake without noticing that their mixer was unusable.

The kicker? She only realized when she reached for it to purée berries for the filling.

First of all, how did she plan to get that filling into the already-iced bottom two layers of this cake?


This woman runs a successful bakery, attended Le Cordon Bleu, and clearly doesn’t know how to use basic kitchen appliances.

If that wasn’t enough, she is then able to proceed in baking an intricate, six-layer cake without a mixer in under a few hours. Needless to say, she wins the freaking competition.


Image via Netflix

That’s right: Stacy beats capable bakers who presumably have working tools and the necessary knowledge to use them.

Not cool, Netflix. Not cool.