Royals, they’re just like us.

By Corey Williams
December 06, 2018
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The Duchess of Cambridge dropped a MAJOR bombshell about her husband’s eating habits—and we are shook

Apparently, Prince William eats royal pizza on the royal sofa and that royally ticks Kate Middleton off. 

Here are all the deets: The couple were in Cyprus this week to open the Oasis recreation center, a relaxing space for military personnel who live in shared housing. Upon seeing the bright yellow furniture at the center, William jokingly warned the soldiers to “keep the pizzas off the sofas!”

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That’s when Kate revealed the messy truth: "You're a nightmare with that,” she said.
Mic drop.

So not only does William eat on the couch when he probably has like a bajillion fancy dining tables, but he also has the nerve to tell other people to “keep the pizzas off the sofas?”


Thank goodness Kate exposed him for the messy eater he is. 

Hopefully the couple is strong enough to make it through this scandal. For the kids.