Prince St. Pizza’s famous Spicy Spring can be yours no matter where you live.
Credit: @psp_nyc

While Chicago and Italy might bristle at the claim, it’s not much of a stretch to state that New York City is the pizza capital of world. Not only are there an insane amount of slice joints within the five boroughs, but there are a wealth of widely acclaimed pizza parlors that attract hungry visitors from across the country.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet and modern logistics, you now no longer have to book a flight to LaGuardia or JFK in order to enjoy arguably the best pizza that New York has to offer. The good folks at Goldbelly, an online marketplace for some of the country’s favorite and most famous regional delicacies, will now ship pies from Prince St. Pizza anywhere in the United States.

So far, it looks like you can order two of the famous SoHo pizza outpost’s signature square pies at a time. You can choose from the Prince Perfection, a saucy cheese option, or the the Spicy Spring, which loads on plenty of cup and char pepperoni that makes for what this author considers to be the best Manhattan slice money can buy. Goldbelly suggests that each order serves 16 pizza lovers, and you can also select a combo of both if you want to cover your bases.

Ordering Prince St Pizza outside of its normal delivery zone doesn’t come cheap: an order of two pies currently cost $99 (compared to a $60+ local delivery through Seamless). But this is no ordinary pizza. The Spicy Spring frequently tops the list of best slices in New York and beyond. Lines routinely stretch well out the door, and photos of famous clientele (including James Gandolfini, who stopped in just days before his untimely passing in 2013) cover nearly every inch of wall space. In fact, the Spicy Spring is so good, that a former Prince Street employee currently stands accused of stealing the recipe for use at his new pizza place on the Upper West Side.

So whether you’re an NYC expat missing home, or you just want to know what real New York pizza tastes like, your dreams can now come true.