Finally, the sweet-salty balance you crave in a toaster pastry.

By Tim Nelson
Updated October 07, 2019
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Credit: Photo by Meredith Turits

For years, Pop-Tarts have been a tasty treat that you could also pass off as a very rushed breakfast in a pinch. They’re available in a plethora of sweet flavors ranging from the fruity to the downright dessert-like. But for the latest Kellogg’s toaster pastry offering, things are about to get a bit saltier.

That’s because Kellogg’s recently announced the introduction of pretzel-flavored Pop-Tarts, at the National Association of Convenience Stores trade show in Atlanta. Available in sweet and salty Chocolate and Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavors, these new Pop-Tarts offer “a delicious filling inside a pretzel-inspired crust with salt flake topping,” according to a Kellogg’s statement. Think of it like a kind of Pop-Tart you’d find at a mall kiosk rather than a breakfast buffet.

As is often the case with these launches, Instagram account @Candyhunting got an early look at the pretzel Pop-Tarts, describing them as having “the same texture as normal Pop-Tarts, but [with] a distinct pretzel flavor and added saltiness.” Sounds pretty good to me.

That doesn’t sound like all of the Pop-Tart news that came out of the NACS trade show either. From the sound of it, there will be some kind of Froot Loops-flavored Pop-Tart hitting stores in early 2020, making for what will instantly become one of the greatest breakfast crossovers of all time.

So if you’ve been feeling disappointed by the lack of saltiness in your average Pop-Tart, your life is about to change forever in December, 2019. Here’s hoping that hungry people rushing out the door will finally be able to start their day with the saltiness they so desperately need.