Potheads IP—not to be confused with the countless other pothead groups on Facebook—might just be one of the best things about the social network right now.

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Instant Pot

It seems like we only ever hear about the various levels of harm that Facebook is causing to its wide array of users; however, we recently uncovered a tiny pocket within this massive social network that’s given us hope for humanity. No, we’re not talking about that hilarious meme your aunt shared yesterday or that oddly compelling food video that you had to watch 3 times through—we’re talking about Potheads IP, a Facebook group dedicated solely to those who all share a deep love for their Instant Pots. And believe us, Instant Pot passion and curiosity is as powerful a common thread as any.

This safe space provides an outlet for enthusiastic Instant Pot users to voice their questions, concerns, and advice for all things related to their most treasured appliances. Limited time sale happening for Instant Pots? Posted in the group! Startling, life-altering discovery made about a feature of the Instant Pot? Posted in the group! An absolute winning recipe testimonial that is in need of a special shout out? You guessed it...posted in the group!

It’s communities like these that truly bring a special fuzzy feeling to our hearts that we cannot deny. After all, isn’t this what cooking is all about? Finding a recipe, ingredient, or in this case, appliance, that you’re sincerely excited about, and spreading that unadulterated joy with those around you (or occupying neighboring internet space)? Cooking and food is about the community, and we can’t help but applaud this beautiful one. Sure, it’s easy to blame Facebook for a plenty of the downfalls of our ever-evolving, social media-dependent excuse for a society, but this group right here is Zuckerberg’s creation operating at its highest, best potential.

To those already in the group, we salute you and your valiant efforts to spread the warmth of your precious Instant Pots. To those who are new to the page and/or the appliance, we definitely know that one thing is for sure—you’ve got a ton of friends waiting to help you through your first Instant Pot experience whenever you’re ready to take that leap of faith.