Calling all type-A organizers.

By Briana Riddock
Updated April 04, 2018
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Credit: kate_sept2004/Getty Images

For me, one of the most frustrating tasks that comes with any serious kitchen organization overhaul is labeling all of the containers I've purchased to get the pantry/cupboards/fridge in order. Tape or super sticky labels are the usual go-tos, however, when it’s time to shuffle a few things around and relabel, both the tape and labels are a hassle to remove. This is why I was stoked to learn that the company behind everyone's most trusted stack of 3x3 colorful stickees now offer a viable, and super convenient, solution to the tidying-up dilemma.

Post-it Brand has released their strongest and toughest sticky notes to date, and they’re durable enough to handle the varying temperatures of your kitchen’s climate (including inside the refrigerator). Typically, you'd primarily use sticky notes to remind yourself of a task or to jot down a quick note, right? Well, this new and improved, ultra-tacky line of Post-it Notes have highly practical value outside of the office. Post-it Extreme Notes stick to a range of textured surfaces in hot and cold climates (as low as 0°F and as hot as 120°F) and they are water resistant. The best part of using this super-strength Post-it note is that you can easily remove them without leaving a gluey residue behind.

To see if these notes could really stand up to heat of the kitchen, I enlisted the help of one of the most organized recipe developers/testers in our test kitchen, Julia Levy, asking her to use the notes for a week in her daily routine of prepping and cooking. On average, Levy develops between 3 to 4 recipes per day, and a strong organization system is key to getting everything done in an efficient manner. And as a particularly organized cook, Levy is a stickler about labeling everything that she uses—making her the perfect cook to put these stickees through their paces. Overall, she was highly impressed with how well the Post-it Notes clung to a wide variety of kitchen materials, particularly in damp and humid environments.

Post it Notes
Credit: Post-It Notes

Post-It Notes

In her week of utilizing these notes in the kitchen, Levy used them primarily to label glass jars, plastic wrap, and deli containers, but reports that they also stuck well to stainless steel bowls and various kitchen utensils. Throughout the week, she found that the Post-its performed very impressively when used to label items in the fridge. And while she loved the notes’ hearty, durable texture, Levy points out that it’s best to use a felt-tip marker, such as a Sharpie, or ballpoint pen to write on them. Gel pens tend to smudge off of the sleek, water-resistant surface. That said, Levy gives the Post-It Extreme Notes all-around rave reviews and applauds their capability to withstand the rigors of the test kitchen.

Although they are obviously quite handy in a kitchen context, this latest release from Post-it is by no means limited to your fridge and pantry. You can use them to organize containers and bins all throughout your home, the garage, and even outdoors. They have the ability to stick to tougher surfaces such as treated or untreated lumber, aluminum, glass, plywood, brick, and stone. There is a reason why they call these stickees extreme.

Put the Post-it Extreme Notes to the test in your own home and as you work your way through any and all spring cleaning tasks. You can find them in the stationary section of your local retail stores or at online retailers.