By Sarra Sedghi
Updated March 09, 2020

Finally, vermin everyone can love.

When I imagine a possum, I see a shocking white face in the dark hissing at me. I am trying to better myself about that admittedly negative knee-jerk reaction. Luckily, a post in the food subreddit is helping me see that possums can be adorable and potentially delicious.

Seriously, even if possums freak you out a little, you can’t deny the allure of these sugary confections—I mean, look at those little button eyes.

Redditor QueenDragonRider, who posted the cookies, says they were a practice batch for her nephew’s upcoming birthday party. It’s her first batch of possum cookies, and the results only attest to her talent (We’ve got a natural here!). On another post depicting dragon cookies, she reveals she uses a mixture of sugar, water, and meringue powder to make her royal icing, and mixes vodka and food coloring to make a sort of watercolor for painting on designs.

Hopefully, these cookies will help you (or the possum-hater in your circle) learn to appreciate all the good possums do. Remember, if you hate mosquitoes and ticks, you should love possums, because they eat them and help prevent Lyme disease. So if you see one in your yard, don’t try to kill it. Just say thanks.

Perhaps QueenDragonRider’s cookies have inspired you to make a batch of your own. I’ve already taken the liberty of finding this possum-shaped cookie cutter for you. But they’re your cookies, so make them whichever shape you like. And if you’re looking for a sugar cookie or shortbread recipe to get you started, we’ve got plenty.