As the demand for preportioned products continues to rise, Jif has jumped on board with a reduced-fat, on-the-go peanut butter product. With all of the positive health qualities I adore about peanut butter, Jif To Go is perfect for stashing in my office for a mid-afternoon snack attack. However, each little cup contains 2 servings of peanut butter (4 Tablespoons) which totals around 380 calories--way more than I need for a snack--so I try to stretch it into at least 2, usually 3 servings. Smeared on a slice of high-fiber bread or on an apple, this snack is satisfying and gives me that extra boost of protein to keep me feeling full until dinner.

The peanut butter cups come in a package of six, 2.5-ounce cups that, depending on the retailer, costs between $1.99 and $4.00.

For moms on-the-go, this is an easy, healthy snack to throw into a purse with some celery or apple slices for a family trip to the park or a little league game. For the avid backpacker, hiker, or biker, stash it in a backpack for a protein-rich snack that is lightweight and won't bulk up your pack or weigh you down.

I could probably live off of peanut butter, banana, and soft white bread sandwiches for the rest of my life, but here are a few other favorite recipes that use peanut butter:

What are some of your favorite uses for peanut butter? Do you prefer the traditional or all-natural?