An import from the UK was this year’s trendiest drink.

By Annie Campbell
Updated December 19, 2019
Credit: Meredith Food Studios

As the 2010s come to a close, it’s time to look back on the things that bonded us together as a nation in the past year. One of the best ways to measure that similarity in American interests? Google. And now, through Google Analytics, we can pinpoint trends in the topics that thoroughly piqued our interest. As you might’ve predicted, here at MyRecipes, we’re most interested in one particular genre: cocktail recipes.

As it turns out, people across the country enjoyed a good party in 2019, and when they did, most were looking up how to have a porn star martini in hand. This vibrant, fruity cocktail wasn’t born in 2019, but gained substantial popularity throughout the year after being announced as the UK’s most popular drink the year before.

WATCH: How to Make a Pornstar Martini

The passionfruit, lime, and vanilla vodka drink originated in London in 2002, and bar-master Douglas Ankrah crafted the sweet cocktail to be provocative in nature. According to an interview with The Buyer, the cocktail wasn’t named after anyone in particular—it simply represented taking a leap out of one’s cocktail comfort zone. The provocative title was intended to be taken as stylish and sexy. If we had to guess, the racy name coupled with the U.K popularity is what put the drink recipe on the (U.S) map.

However, these drinks haven’t gone without controversy. Earlier this year, popular British retailer Marks & Spencer received so many complaints about the pre-made cans of the “Porn Star Martini” that they officially changed the name of their beverage to the “Passion Star Martini.”

As for the remainder of the list, you might notice some common themes surrounding these top-trending cocktail drink names, but that’s about as far as these recipes go in terms of similarities. The list includes drinks spiked with every liquor from rum to vodka to whiskey—even sparkling wine makes a brief appearance.

Here’s the full list of Google’s top-trending cocktail recipes in 2019:

Sex on the Beach

Buttery Nipple

Aperol Spritz

Lynchburg Lemonade

Cheers to more crave-worthy cocktails in 2020!