Popping up in stores nationwide is a healthier snack alternative to the traditional potato chip-popchips. These crispy chips are air-popped so they have less than half t he fat of fried chips and are seasoned with natural ingredients giving them more flavor than baked chips. My personal favorite is salt & pepper (they are DIVINE) although their other flavors like sea salt & vinegar, barbecue, original, and parmesan garlic are tops too. Our staff couldn't decide which flavor we liked best and before we could come up with a general consensus, they were gone.

Praise for popchips is sprouting up all over. From The O List's "A Few Things We Think Are Just Great" to Health Magazine's America's Healthiest Buy 2008 to Real Simple naming them Best Chips, popchip love is definitely contagious.

At the beginning of this year (January '09), popchips made their way from the west coast expanding into the eastern US. They are currently being sold at retailers like Whole Foods, Safeway, Costco, and Target. If you can't find them there, check out popchips' website to find a retailer near or order on (Birmingham, AL folks--I looked the other day and they are sold at the Target on 280!!)

Let me know if you have been able to find them in your city and what your favorite flavors are. These crunchy, bold-flavored chips are an exciting revolution for those of us (like me especially) who love to snack but are always looking for healthier, lower fat/calorie options. (And Weight Watcher folks, they are only 2 to 3 points per serving!)