The cupboard was bare last night, so I reached for old faithful--Spaghetti Carbanara. My DH and I fondly call this dish Poor Man's Spaghetti or Depression Spaghetti.

Here are the ingredients you need:
Spaghetti noodles
Bacon (usually have in the freezer)
Dried parsley
1 or 2 eggs
Parmesan cheese

I improvise the method depending on my mood. (Basically, more bacon and more cheese if tired and seeking comfort.)

Here's the summary: Cook your noodles and fry the bacon. Drain the noodles and quickly mix in the egg and parmesan cheese while the noodles are hot (so the egg is cooked) and while the stove top is still on. Stir in crumbled bacon, some bacon grease (gasp!), and dried parsley. Presto! You've got dinner in record time.

If you're a recipe-stickler, try Sunset's version (pictured above). It calls for a few extras--white wine, garlic, olive oil--but is pretty close to my pared-down version.

You'll be surprised at how un-pantry it tastes. Please post any favorites you have. Since I'm usually cooking for two, I love these type of non-recipe recipes (another gasp!) ....

Happy cooking.