Credit: Pizza Hut

Picture this: It’s Super Bowl Sunday. The TV is set to the appropriate channel, the pizza is ordered, and your guests are on their way. Everything’s perfect for your viewing party—or is it?! *GASP* You forgot to pick up beer.

Are you panicking? Well, you should be. Because this crisis could have easily been avoided if you had just ordered your pizza and your beer from the same place.

Pizza Hut launched its revolutionary beer delivery service in Arizona a few years ago. I’m very happy to report that the pizza giant is now delivering beer in SEVEN more states. First Arizona, then the world—that’s my motto.

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Thank God, they’re doing it just in time for Super Bowl LIII.

"Our expanded beer delivery program and Super Bowl weekend creates a great level of excitement across our participating franchise partners and team members," said Nicolas Burquier, Chief Customer and Operations Officer, Pizza Hut. "Beer delivery is a game-changing lever that we'll continue to pull in order to deliver oven-hot pizzas with ice-cold beer to customers watching and celebrating their favorite teams."

Beer delivery is now available at 300 locations in Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, and California

If you don’t see your state on the list, you could very soon. Pizza Hut aims to grow beer delivery capabilities to 1,000 restaurants across new markets by this summer.

What a time to be alive.