Beauty is in the pie of the beholder. 

By Sarra Sedghi
December 11, 2018
Glamlite Cosmetics

Pizza is one of those foods that has an everlasting hold on pop culture. You probably grew up watching your favorite cartoon eating it, cheeky gym bags promise it after a workout, and there are scores of Internet discourse debating whether or not pineapple belongs on it. 

Now, the pizza lover in your life can wear it on their face, sans grease, with Glamlite Cosmetics’ upcoming pizza palette, INSIDER first reported. The $40 palette (Yes, this is a normal price for makeup) includes 18 topping-inspired shades such as Basil, Mushrooms, and Ham. And it looks like Glamlite Cosmetics is pro-pineapple, because there’s a shade for that, too. Plus, it’s vegan, cruelty-free and allergy tested, so you can wear it without a hint of moral or physical regret. Also, it comes with its own delivery box. 

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“Indulge your taste buds with the world's most delicious palette,” the product description reads. “The pizza palette offers 18 mouth-watering toppings. Oops! We meant shades! From healthy greens, smokey browns, bright & vibrant yellows to spicy reds and oranges, this palette is perfect for even the pickiest of tastes!”

Glamlite Cosmetics founder Gisselle Hernandez told INSIDER the palette is meant to promote individuality, and while we agree, it’s also promoted quite the appetite. Glamlite’s pizza palette goes on sale tomorrow, December 12. Unfortunately there is no accompanying highlighter meant to resemble the shimmer of melted cheese.