Like lemonade, but more so.
Credit: Instagram u/@snackbetch

Every time someone tells me their favorite starburst flavor is the pink one, I feel like I’m being gaslit. I’m already on the record expressing my dissatisfaction with the so-called “strawberry” flavor, and that was without realizing that it was one of the only two flavors that Donald Trump seems to enjoy. But that hasn’t stopped the pink Starburst lobby from advancing its own agenda of flavor hegemony at breakneck speeds.

Now, not only can you make the mistake of eating a bag full of nothing but pink Starbursts, you can also drink the stuff now, too. That’s because snack-spotting Instagram account @Candyhunting has found what appears to be a new Starburst “strawberry drink mix” made to mimic everyone’s favorite flavor of millennial pink candy.

Spotted at Walmart, a single package appears capable of producing up to eight GALLONS of a very pink, not-so-lemonade drink. Thankfully, it seems there are also single-serving sizes available elsewhere. Either way, it’s perfect for the busy Starburst consumer who simply doesn’t have time in today’s fast-paced world to chew their candy anymore. I’d love to get a look at the nutrition facts on this, and color me skeptical about the whole “zero sugar” thing. You’re either lying, or the whole point of this candy drink is rendered moot. You can’t have it both ways.

Though this product’s existence might seem silly at first glance, a quick Google search will tell you that it’s very possible to make a “pink starburst cocktail,” so do with that information what you will.