What's better than adorable, fruit-inspired accessories that you can easily find for a reasonable price at your local Target? Honestly, we can't think of much. From kitchen tools, to trendy tumblers, to bed sheets, there's plenty of cute ways to incorporate everyone's favorite spiky golden fruit into your life this summer.

By Sara Tane
May 31, 2017
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Courtesy of Target

Even though the trend has been around for a minute, not a second goes by that I begrudge seeing pineapple-inspired products everywhere. On a recent excursion to everybody’s beloved superstore, Target, I couldn’t help but notice the extensive variety of pineapple-themed accessories dispersed throughout the store. It seemed like every aisle I turned onto, there were more golden spikes leaping off the shelves just begging to be added to my shopping cart.

Lucky for them, I possess absolutely no self-discipline or restraint when it comes to limiting my pineapple purchases (or really any fruit-related accessories—looking at you, watermelon). “Yes, I definitely need to consume every beverage I’ll ever drink again out of this pineapple tumbler,” I confidently whisper to myself as I marched these golden beauties up to the checkout counter. Let me tell you, compulsive shopping is a dangerous yet invigorating hobby.

That being that, here are my favorite, irresistible pineapple products (some to use in the kitchen, others just to admire in all their tropical glory) to help get you started.

Pineapple Tumbler

Courtesy of Target

From refreshing mojitos and margaritas to some plain ol’ sparkling water, everything tastes better in a golden pineapple vessel with a stainless steel straw. Get a few extra for your guests to sip out of for your next summer dinner party or special occasion. They're sure to liven the party and leave a memorable impression.


Pineapple Doormat

Courtesy of Target

Your guests need to know from the moment they enter that they are in an extremely pineapple-friendly environment. We couldn't think of a warmer, sweeter welcome.

Pineapple Bed Sheets

Courtesy of Target

Cozy up to these fun, exotic-printed sheets after a long day at the beach. Perfect for all ages, these fruity bed sheets are the perfect answer to your next pineapple craving.

Plastic Pineapple Tumbler

Courtesy of Target

Dinnerware just got a sweet, golden upgrade, and we couldn't be happier about it.

Pineapple Ice Cube Tray

Courtesy of Target

No ice maker? No problem. With this nifty silicone tray, not only do you get these frozen gems, but your cubes are in the shape of little baby pineapples. Dream come true, I know.