The limited-edition V-Day treat's not so limited anymore.
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Anyone with a sweet tooth and a tolerance for gluten loves a good cinnamon roll. Whether you’re trying to impress someone special or just stuff your face, there’s nothing better than baking them at home. The fact that Pillsbury packages them in a can makes them pretty much the best non-alcoholic, perishable item presented in that format.

And now, fans of flavored cinnamon rolls can rejoice. According to Instagram account @SnackGator, Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls with a pleasantly pink Strawberry & Cream-flavored icing are back on store shelves, just in time for romantic Valentine’s Day baking.

If you’re not familiar with this bit of Cinnabon co-branded goodness, @SnackGator notes that they “absolutely loved” these cinnamon rolls, which feature “a light strawberry flavor that doesn’t overtake the cinnamon.. Just the perfect balance.” That’s reason enough to try them even before realizing that this aesthetically pleasing treat is easy enough to bake that even the most helpless boyfriend could figure out how to surprise their significant other with a fresh set of the “five big rolls” each can makes for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re already a devoted fan of this canned cinnamon roll flavor, there’s some further good news you might want to know about. According to a product listing on Walmart’s website, this previously seasonal pastry is now available all year. That pastel pink frosting shade can now slot in perfectly for any spring or summer baking plans you might be dreaming up.

So this year, there’s no need to stockpile cans of these (formerly) special edition Grands cinnamon rolls, thank god. Here’s hoping that 2020 becomes such a big year for baking things from cans that even Paul Hollywood is forced to weigh in on the subject.