All cookie dough should have a safer formula by later this year.

By Tim Nelson
March 25, 2020

Look: nobody’s really going outside all that much (because they shouldn’t) and the world is a stressful place. That means there’s really never been a better time to just absolutely go to town on a bunch of raw cookie dough. But while some cookie dough is explicitly marked as edible, most of what we sneak a few bites of while baking technically isn’t.   

Thankfully, a new change to Pillsbury’s cookie dough offers a light amid the darkness of these trying times. According to information from vital Instagram snack resource @CandyHunting (who is still either out shopping or soliciting photos from people who are), it would appear that Pillsbury’s refrigerated cookie dough is now safe to eat raw.

According to the post’s description, this is a new way of preparing Pillsbury cookie dough which “uses heat treated flour and pasteurized eggs to kill off possible food borne pathogens (mainly salmonella) prior to baking the cookies.” That translates to a product that’s already good to go before you stick it in the oven, as the unmistakably large “safe to eat raw: eat or bake” label further indicates.

This isn’t the first explicitly edible cookie dough we’ve seen in recent times. Nestle does little bowls of edible cookie dough (Funfetti and brownie batter), Costco is selling a whole bunch of edible brownie and cookie dough, and there are even options for vegans out there. But with @CandyHunting’s caption suggesting that all Pillsbury cookie dough should be edible by the end of summer 2020, a whole lot of cookie dough eaters who normally live life on the edge are about to get some extra peace of mind.

Look for this edible Pillsbury cookie dough to start rolling out at grocery stores like Hy-Vee (where @CandyHunting spotted it) and anywhere else with stocked shelves soon enough. Just don’t hoard the whole supply for yourself because we’re all going to need some edible cookie dough if we plan to get through this together.