But where is BB-8?

By Tim Nelson
January 29, 2020

Perhaps the one thing you can definitively say about Star Wars’ sequel trilogy is that the movies do, in fact, exist. Fan opinion of all three movies, especially 2019’s Rise of Skywalker, has been rather divisive, with some detractors accusing JJ Abrams of offering little more than nostalgia-based fan service as a way to compensate for a muddled and mediocre script. 

Apropos of nothing, Pillsbury has launched a new set of Star Wars-themed cookies that even the youngest padawans in the galaxy could prepare (with proper adult supervision, of course). Specifically, they’ve dropped a set of Ready to Bake cookies with a design that depicts R2-D2, the beeping blue trash can droid we all know and love. 

For about $3 a sleeve, you’ll get 24 cookies that can bake in your oven in just a matter of minutes. In terms of flavor, these things register as “Holiday-Shape Sugar Cookies,” which means they probably taste similar to those festive confections you stuffed your face with back in December. 

What holiday these cookies are meant to celebrate isn’t exactly clear, but they could probably work out for Valentine’s Day if you’re in love with an adorable nerd who appreciates food-based romantic gestures. Or you could just stock up on a bunch of these for May the 4th, which functions as a sort of (mostly un)official Star Wars holiday (May the 4th, “May the force…”, get it??). 

For Star Wars fans, Pillsbury’s decision to go with R2-D2 as the droid here is a smart, inoffensive choice that certainly won’t trigger any Original Trilogy purists. I feel like the rolling ball droid BB-8 (which Neil deGrasse Tyson famously said shouldn’t be able to move on sand) would lend itself better to a cookie, but what do I know. 

Obviously, Star Wars can provoke lots of takes and intense debate, but thankfully everyone can agree that cookies are good. So if you find yourself wanting to yell at someone about Rey or Kylon Ren’s character arcs, just bake these R2-D2 cookies and shove one in your mouth before you ruin a friendship.