pokemon cookies
Credit: @candyhunting Instagram

It’s a new year, so that means snack brands are making new alliances with beloved franchises to capture your attention (and get all the clicks). The latest collaboration to hit supermarket shelves? Pillsbury and Pokémon.

Instagram snack extraordinaire @candyhunting shared Pillsbury’s latest product yesterday and has found them at Walmart and Hy-Vee.

The pre-cut cookies come in two designs, Pikachu and Poké Ball. I’ll take the prison ball over a plain sugar cookie any day, but Pillsbury (and anyone else emblazoning their goods with Pokémon iconography), here’s a word of advice from a longtime fan: Think beyond the ball and go with another Pokémon silhouette! Eevee has its own game now and has an extremely recognizable shape, or if you want to stick to yellow dye, give someone extremely relatable like Psyduck a chance. I guess really what I’m saying is give us Charizard, please.

Pillsbury and Walmart haven’t yet listed the cookies on their websites, so it’s safe to assume that availability is limited. Just think of it as a legendary Pokémon you have to stake out in your supermarket’s refrigerated section.

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