Yes. A pickle bouquet.
Credit: Grillo's Pickles

It’s been a tough few weeks for the floral industry—it seems like a new quirky, edible bouquet is released every day.

Flowers have taken yet another hit with this amazing pickle arrangement:

The brainchild of Boston-based pickle company Grillo’s Pickles, this bouquet is incredibly simple to DIY.

Just grab some pickles (Grillo’s are available at most retailers, including Whole Foods and Target) and arrange them into a bouquet shape by using bamboo kebab skewers, toothpicks, and garnish with your choice of extras.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want this? It certainly beats the heck out of roses.

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“Not only is a pickle bouquet more beautiful than a dozen red roses, and healthier than a standard box of chocolate, it’s also far more creative,” says Travis Grillo, the company’s CEO.

Amen, Travis. Amen.