Amazon announced that they're buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, and we can't decide what this means for the future of either companies. In the meantime, we're wondering if this will affect the way we grocery shop and get food into our homes and onto our plates. If there comes a day that we're all buying our food online versus in-store, what does this mean that we'll miss out on?
Woman in Grocery Store
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In lieu of the big announcement that Amazon will buy Whole Foods for an estimated $13.7 billion, we’re all trying to figure out what this means for the future of our food (particularly the hot bar—can this be transformed into an online commodity?!) While it’s too soon to say just how this buyout is going to affect the everyday consumer, it certainly has us thinking about how we obtain our food now, and what changes we might expect to see, now that Amazon is steering the organic produce ship.

While opinions about trips to the grocery store can be quite the polarizing subject matter—you either love it or you hate it—we can all agree that there are certain aspects about marching yourself into that store and picking out food for yourself like the well-mannered, grown human that you are, that is intangible. For some, eliminating the chore of going to the grocery store is an absolute godsend, but for others, it might mean letting go of a sense of comfort and control when it comes to food that one has in their kitchen. When we started to think about life without trips to the grocery store, here are the advantages that we know we’ll start to miss.

Pressing an Avocado

Visually, they all look exactly the same, but their firmness, on the other hand, tells an entirely different story. While any hired shopper will be able to identify a ripe avocado from one that is absolutely rock solid, sometimes it’s advantageous to be strategic about the avocados you buy. How are you going to properly communicate that you want one avocado that is ready to eat today, but two that need a couple more days because you’re making guacamole for a party this coming weekend? You need to go to the store and make these game-time avo decisions for yourself!

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Sniffing a Pineapple

Yes, you might look a little funny to the shoppers around you, but this trick is absolutely KEY to picking the sweetest one of the bunch. Don’t settle for a sub-par pineapple, and take matters into your own hands and get you that spiky golden fruit you deserve.

Knocking on a Watermelon

There is no worse feeling than getting your 10-lb. watermelon home, only to slice it open and find that the flesh is mealy, mushy, and straight up nasty. Skip this trauma by knowing how to pick out a winning melon, and never look back. Don’t leave this important job up to a stranger; only you can fulfill your true watermelon destiny.

Talking to Employees

Remember that thing that people used to do in the old days… talk to each other? The friendly clerk behind the fish counter or deli station or whatever it may be is oftentimes a wealth of information. Ask them questions, poke them for suggestions, or inquire about weekly deals and specials.

Pleasure Finds

Look, we all do it, and it’s the beauty of strolling through the aisles. Whether you made a list or not, sometimes you just happen upon a tin of cookies, a fresh produce item, or sale in the freezer section that you don’t want to part with. These spontaneous, unpredictable purchases can be a source of great enjoyment and fulfillment, so why skip out on that?

By Sara Tane and Sara Tane