Before pantry staple appetizer ideas existed, there was the pantry staple appetizer idea: Pepper jelly over cheese.

In my family, you're just as likely to be welcomed in the door by crudites as you are by a room temperature block of cream cheese topped with electric-hued pepper jelly (or mint, if it's the holidays), served with a stack of Wheat Thins, so this beauty would be an elegant step up:


What some folks might not know is that pepper jelly, with its sweet-hot flair, is just as delicious served over pork tenderloin as it is smeared on goat cheese.


To make those gorgeous pork cutlets into a hearty appetizer, simply slice the pork thin and serve it atop a yeasty roll with a heaping spoonful of the sauce. Prepare for friends to drool!

I used to see pepper jelly in my mom's pantry and wonder what on earth the fiery treat was used for. And now I know-- for delicious appetizers designed to ignite the taste buds. Even though this type of jelly has only been around since the 1970s, at least in stores, it's a classic to us!