She's way cuter than the original.
colonel sanders baby
Credit:, @kfc

Naming a baby is an important responsibility. Most parents spend months deciding on a meaningful name—they have to make sure they’re picking one that will represent their child well for the rest of his or her life.

Harland Rose’s parents decided to take a different route.

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Earlier this year, KFC offered parents $11,000 in college tuition money to name their child Harland, after the legendary Colonel Harland Sanders. The prize amount is meant to honor KFC’s famous blend of 11 herbs and spices.

According to the terms of the contest, participants were eligible to win if their baby is born in the U.S. on September 9—the day that the original Harland Sanders was born—and give the child the legal name Harland.

At least one family actually did it. (Moment of silence for the parents who named their babies after Colonel Sanders and lost.)

The fried chicken chain took to Twitter to announce the winner:

Little Harland Rose, who’ll go by Harley, was born on September 9 and weighed in at 8 pounds and 1 ounce.

She’ll likely be the only Harland in her class, as the last time the name cracked the top 1,000 names for American baby boys was about 70 years ago. According to, it dropped to 5,477 in 2018.

It’s not exactly conventional to name your baby after a fast food mascot, but let’s hold off on judging this enterprising mystery couple.

College ain’t cheap, Harland is actually a really cute name, and this kid will always have the best answer to the most dreaded question of all time: “Tell us something about yourself.”