Get eight of Papa’s Poppers for $5.99
Credit: Papa John's

Papa John is still trying to find its way in a post-Papa John Schnatter world. In addition to scrubbing any remaining trace of the disgraced founder who recently claimed he ate 40 pizzas in 30 days, the chain’s been tinkering with its menu. That’s included changes to its dough and the unveiling of a bizarre and unexpected attempt to turn pizza into a sandwich.

Thankfully, the most recent food item to make it onto the Papa John’s menu at least has some basis in culinary reality. This week, the chain unveiled a new line of Jalapeño Popper Rolls. They combine the spicy kick you’re used to from that particular chili pepper cut with a bit of palate-soothing Philadelphia Cream Cheese. All of that’s wrapped up within Papa’s signature six-ingredient dough and paired with a side of ranch, the superior dipping choice for people with discerning taste. Each popper (real missed opportunity to call them “Papa-ers”) is baked rather than fried in an effort to showcase the quality of the dough.

Perhaps in an effort to distract us from whatever the hell a Papadia is, Papa John’s, the company sees the addition of this appetizer as a classic in the making.

“With our Jalapeño Popper Rolls, we are delivering our unique take on one of America’s classic appetizers,” said Paul Fabre, SVP of Product Innovation, according to QSR Magazine. “Our guests can add this new tasty side to bring a little spice to pizza night.”

An order of eight of these spicy, creamy bites of goodness will set you back $5.99, which feels like a decent deal for those who can handle the heat, and each roll weighs in at 60 calories. When you add all that up, it means you can definitely eat 40 of these over the course of 30 days without people expressing serious concerns for your physical or mental health. So go forth and enjoy!