This changes EVERYTHING.

By Tim Nelson
Updated June 17, 2020
Credit: @foodiewiththebeasts

I don’t claim to know any of them myself, but presumably there are at least a handful of people out there who are really upset that Covid-19 has deprived them of the opportunity to eat at a Panera Bread. I can imagine spending the last few months without easy access to their favorite breads must have been very rough for them.

Well, the good news for Panera Bread Heads (a nickname I’m choosing to bestow on Panera fans) is that you can now apparently buy Panera Bread-brand loaves, rolls, and baguettes from the grocery store.

According to the Instagram account @FoodieWithTheBeasts, Panera’s bread has been spotted at ShopRite, alongside other quality forms of carbohydrates including baguettes and ciabatta rolls. Given that the struggle to make a bread bowl on your own is real, it’s probably best to just go for the real thing.

Want more Panera? The Panera at Home line, which includes soups, dressings, breads, and even K-cups, is pretty widely available at supermarket chains, so you may have luck near you. If you really want to have a good time, hollow out a loaf to make your own bread bowl and dump some homemade Panera soup or mac and cheese inside.

Now if only they could step up and sell the double bread bowl in grocery stores, then Panera would really be onto something. I guess that kind of crazy carb party is reserved for the actual in-store experience.