No more awkward maneuvers with oven mitts.

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While multi-cookers are often best known for their pressure-cooking or slow-cooking abilities, steaming in a multi-cooker—such as with the famous Instant Pot—can be one of the most convenient ways to extract rich flavors from raw ingredients. There is just one common hassle when it comes to steaming meals in multi-cookers, though: the difficulty of picking up your bowls and containers from the deep cooker inserts once your meal is ready. Luckily, Amazon shoppers have discovered an ingenious way to relieve this common cooking woe in OXO’s Silicone Pressure Cooker Sling.

This $15 kitchen gadget helps you easily lift bakeware, bowls, cups, and more out of multi-cookers without having to awkwardly slide oven mitts into the tiny space between the cooker inserts and your bowl of food. Plus, it’s made from durable heat-resistant and food-safe silicone, so you won’t have to worry about the sling melting in the cooker’s high heat.

OXO’s sling—which fits both 6- and 8-quart cookers—also comes with interlocking handles designed to fit under cooker lids to keep your steamer in place without touching your food. This nifty kitchen accessory makes steaming everything from meats and vegetables to cheesecakes more convenient, and Amazon shoppers rave about how useful it is, with one reviewer calling it a “must have for Instant Pots.”

“This is a great alternative to the plain metal trivet,” wrote a shopper. “I’ve cooked several roasts on it. It’s so easy to lift out and is cool to the touch quickly.”

Another added, “If this was in my life five years ago, then I would have saved so much money from all the spilling and tipping over while taking food out of the steamer pot.”

You can pick up one of these convenient multi-cooker accessories on Amazon now. With a 4.5-star rating and status as one of Amazon’s best-sellers in the Small Appliance Parts & Accessories category, OXO’s Silicone Pressure Cooker Sling is sure to make lifting meals out of your multi-cooker simpler than ever.

OXO Silicone Pressure Cooker Sling
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