We’re living in the future, folks.
Credit: Ovie

Do you ever feel like your drowning in leftovers? Sure, you don’t want to throw our last night’s dinner and contribute to the country’s food waste problem—but then it just sits there. At what point do you just accept that it’s gone bad?

Enter Ovie, the world’s first smart food storage line.

Ovie keeps tabs on the food your leftovers and lets you know when your food is past its prime.

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Here’s how it works:

You slip a SmartTag into any of the Smarterware accessories. Then, you press the button and say what you’re saving so Ovie can program the tag accordingly.

Each tag features a light right that gives you the food’s status at a glance--the light is green when it’s safe to eat, then turns yellow to show it should be eaten soon, and then red when it’s gone bad.

“We designed our SmartTags to not only track food for notification purposes, but also to provide visual indicators to anyone in the household,” noted Dave Joseph, co-founder and head of product design. “The color changing light ring was key in making it extremely easy for every member of the household to see what food is important to eat now.”

For the full experience, you can pair your Ovie with Alexa, Google Home, recipe apps, and grocery apps.

“It will keep track of everything tagged and will send reminders to a smartphone when food is about to go bad,” a press release states. “It will also provide tips on how to eat it, recipe ideas using other tagged items in the fridge, and even connect with grocery apps to allow users to order missing ingredients to complete a recipe.”

Basically, this handy little kitchen robot does it all.

Unfortunately, Ovie does come with a hefty price tag: The Smarterware Starter Kit, which includes three Ovie SmartTags, one Smarterware 6-cup Container, two Smarterware Universal Connectors, one Smarterware Clip, and one Ovie Hub, sells for $130. If you just want the SmartTags, though, you can snag a set of three for $65.

You can pre-order Ovie products now—shipping is planned for this spring.