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I get recipes from a variety of sources ... the Cooking Light bulletin boards, Food Network shows, newspaper and magazine clippings, friends, cookbooks and more. Although it doesn't stop me from accumulating more recipes in my "to try" pile, I swear I could make 10 new recipes a day between now and the day I die and still never get through everything I've ripped out or flagged. But a recipe from Patti LaBelle?
When it comes to Patti LaBelle, I immediately think "great singer, powerful voice." I don't think "great cook." But then I saw her a few years ago on Oprah, making her recipe for macaroni and cheese, and my thoughts changed (of course she does have a cookbook or two to her credit too). When it comes to me and macaroni and cheese, I'm always on the lookout for "the" recipe ... the one to stop the search. It comes from years of trying to come close to a hometown restaurant's version, and while this one isn't it, it's still quite excellent. Cheesy, not overly creamy, and super simple to make. All very important criteria when it comes to a recipe making the cut. I first made it a few years ago, and it made an appearance this past weekend at my parents' Easter table when my mom discovered it. Just looking at the picture makes me crave it again. I mean, really, how can you go wrong with something called "Over the Rainbow," especially when it contains Velveeta? While Velveeta is a little blech on its own, it's got great melting qualities that make it perfect for mac and cheese. Dig in!