Weekends during the summer usually mean a trip to my parents' house down the shore. The Jersey shore, that is. Down there, with no To Do lists or urges to be productive, life all the sudden gets relaxing and seems infinitely calmer. Even if there are three girls under 2 underfoot! I tend to do a lot of cooking when we get down there ... besides the fact that I happen to like it (hello? food writer?), I feel it's my way to say thanks to my parents for hosting us all. Between my sister and I, there are four kids, my dog, my parents' dog ... well, let's just say there is probably a big exhale when we all leave. It gets a little crazy, but in the very best possible way.

I know my sister and brother-in-law are big fans of Oven Pancakes, so I usually make one for one of the breakfasts while we're all there. It's one of those recipes that takes just minutes to whip up. Pop it in the oven and let it do its thing for about 20 minutes, and you're soon rewarded with an instantly easy breakfast that will let you get back to your main focus... enjoying your vacation ... your staycation ... or just your regular morning breakfast.

Just one tip ... don't double it. If you need more than one batch, make two and split it into two dishes. Too much batter in one dish makes the bottom of the pancake thicker and less lighter and fluffier than it should be. No matter how much you make, drizzle a little bit of maple syrup over the top or a light dusting of confectioners' sugar and let the praise begin.