By Jessica Colyer
September 15, 2016

Google is the front door to the Internet, and by now, they sure do know how to decorate that door. We've all seen them before, but you may not know that these themed illustrations that sit over the search bar on the Google homepage for special occasions have a name. They're called Google Doodles.  

The first Google Doodle was just a simple out-of-office message created in 1998 by the founders to let people know they would be away for a week. Now, Google Doodles have evolved into one of the most widely anticipated icons of adorableness on the Internet. Today, the factory gates have opened, giving young artists the opportunity to contribute to the magic. Submissions begin today for the Doodle 4 Google contest, which is open to kids in grades K-12 and will result in the winning doodle taking the center stage spotlight of the Internet. Since we're too old to actually partake in the contest, we decided to do what old people do instead: reminisce. We looked back and found our fave food doodles from over the past few years to pay homage to this little detail that consistently makes us smile whenever it shows up. Please, join us on a stroll down a Google-paved memory lane:


1.) The First Day of Fall 2015

The First Day of Fall 2015/


2. Herta Heuwer's 100th Birthday

Herta Heuwer's 100th Birthday/


3.) Anniversary of the Ice Cream Sundae

Anniversary of the Ice Cream Sundae /


4.) Julia Child's 100th Birthday

Julia Child's 100th Birthday /


5.) Doodle Fruit Games Day 10

Doodle Fruit Games Day 10 /


6.) Belgium National Day 2012

Belgium National Day 2012 /


7.) Asparagus Season 2015

Asparagus Season 2015 /


7.) Momofuku Ando’s 105th Birthday

Momofuku Ando’s 105th Birthday /


8.) Respect for the Aged Day 2015

Respect for the Aged Day 2015 /


9.) Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 /


10.) Mexico Independence Day 2014

Mexico Independence Day 2014 /


Want to keep strolling? Find your favorites by searching the doodle archives.