Hey, you. Yeah, you—sitting at your boring desk at your boring job. What if I told you that you could soon have an extremely un-boring new title? Because Oscar Mayer is currently hiring Hotdoggers.

What are Hotdoggers, you ask?

They’re basically goodwill ambassadors for Oscar Mayer. They travel the country (in the freakin’ Weinermobile!) and promote the brand through radio and television appearances, newspaper interviews, grocery store and military visits, and charity functions.

You’re not dreaming. This is a completely real job that you can have (for one year).

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in public relations, journalism, or a related field.

The job offers a “competitive salary,” but it’s not clear exactly what that salary is. To be fair, there’s not a lot to compare it to.

Sound like the job for you? Find more details about the application/selection process here.