Gingerbread houses get some haunted competition.
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As you may already know, there’s pretty much an Oreo variety for every conceivable flavor or holiday. Heck, they’ve already showcased gingerbread Oreos for the Christmas cookie season, and Labor Day was less than two weeks ago. Now, they’re focused on a product you can use a bit sooner than the holiday season— and one that radically expands our understanding of how an Oreo can look and function.

That’s thanks to Oreo’s Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit, which adds a bit of arts and crafts time to the cookie eating experience, just in time for Halloween.

According to a product description, the kit lets you “decorate your own frighteningly delicious spooky graveyard” with help from icing, construction-oriented cookie pieces, orange and purple candy, and, of course, Oreos. Thanks to handy step-by-step instructions, the kit equips you with the materials and the knowledge you need to make a terrifying and tasty set of tombstones and a mausoleum. The kit is available at Michael's now and retails for $14.99.

Normally, you’d associate these sorts of building kits with the holiday season, when gingerbread houses are all the rage. But with so much uncertainty about what exactly Halloween will look like during a pandemic, parents and kids might have to find some creative alternatives to trick-or-treating if predictions about a fall resurgence of Covid-19 infections happens to come true.

Credit: Michael's


No matter what, though, we can all use some more edible crafts in our lives, and this Oreo offering would seem to fit the bill perfectly. Who knows, it could be a great way to start a new family tradition of designing a graveyard together and eating stale cookies on November 1. Just make sure you have some milk nearby.