You need to take a photo of yourself doing it and submit it to the contest.

Americans love snacking. So much so that we spend quite a bit of money on snacking over the course of our lifetimes. Luckily for snackaholics, however, one of the biggest snack companies around is offering a chance to win back a big chunk of the nearly $29,000 the average person spends on chips, cookies, and other between-meal treats over the course of their lifetime.

Mondelez, the munchie conglomerate behind Oreo, Wheat Thins, Ritz, Honey Maid graham crackers, Nilla Wafers, and Triscuits simply wants you to snap a photo of you with friends and/or loved ones enjoying their snacks between now and the last day of 2019. Then you’ve gotta post that pic on Instagram and/or Twitter using the hasthgas #ShareYourJoyWithUs and #sweepstakes. If you’re rather not let your friends and followers know that you’re a corporate shill, you can just upload the photos directly to the contest’s website.

Why is this even happening? Well, beyond possibly using the photos for future marketing materials, the contest is based on findings about how great of a force snacking is when it comes to bringing people together. A Harris Poll cited by Mondelez shows that 87 percent of parents say snacking on things they enjoyed as a child keeps them connected to their own kids, while 77 percent of all adults have warm childhood memories of sharing a special snack with their own parents.

Whatever the reason, it sounds like an insanely easy way to potentially make $10k. At the very least, maybe dunking some Oreos as a family will be a good way to spread cheer and defuse any holiday tension.