Just buy one for all 40 days of Lent.

Valentine’s Day is over, which means that pretty much every brand not selling alcohol or Shamrock Shakes has leapt right over St. Patrick’s Day and onto Easter. We’ve somehow already seen plenty of unexpected and unfortunate Easter candy, and Lent doesn't even start for another week.

Thankfully, there are at least some Easter-themed goodies out there that would seem to make sense and even appear to potentially taste good. For one such example, we turn to a recent find from Instagram account @JunkFoodontheGo, who spotted a new “snacktivity” kit from Oreo.

What you’re looking at is an Oreo-themed Easter Egg decorating kit, which pairs some of the aesthetics and tasty trappings of Easter with the best of what everyone’s favorite twistable, dunkable cookie has to offer. Based on the caption, it seems like you can find these at Walmart now if you want to get a massive head start on Easter, and presumably you’ll find it at other retailers sometime closer to the holiday.

Inside, you’ll find two pre-baked chocolate cookies, which you can decorate with included icing and candy eggs. While one could reasonably assume that those cookie components are similar to what you’d find in an Oreo, it wouldn’t be complete without the real thing. This kit lets you literally put cookies on cookies, and there aren’t many things in life that sound better than that.

So, yes: While Oreos aren’t a staple of Easter baskets or egg hunts, they can have a place in your springtime celebration thanks to this little kit that can help kids earn their sugar fix after some culinary-focused arts and crafts time. Hey, it sure beats a sour Easter bunny.