We’re talking marshmallow pieces inside a cookie here, folks.

There are many ways to demarcate the line separating Millennials from members of Gen Z. Maybe the easiest one is the presence or absence of a TikTok account, but I propose a more analog, snack-based differentiator instead: Millennials were more likely to say they grew up with only the “original” flavor of Oreos (counting variations in the amount of ‘stuf’ as part of the same flavor), while the “Zoomers” possess a more fluid understanding of what flavors can exist between the two outer layers of Oreo cookies.

Appropriately enough for the first full week of a new decade, Oreo has broadened their flavor offerings even further. That’s thanks to the introduction of new Caramel Coconut and Chocolate Marshmallow, just in time to pique your snacking curiosity in a way that will derail whatever healthy eating plans you had for the new year.

In addition to being two very distinct, multifaceted blasts of flavor, at least one of these two new Oreo options seems to transcend the traditional limits of how an Oreo flavor is supposed to work. Specifically, it looks like the Chocolate Marshmallow option features marshmallow pieces embedded into the outer cookie, meaning that the flavor bursting forth from this thing literally cannot be contained.

Their release makes good on an earlier pledge by Oreo to release the new flavors this year, so hats off to this Nabisco brand for making and keeping this promise. Unfortunately, the catch, as Oreo points out, is that these decadent cake and campfire-themed cookies are limited editions, replying to an Instagram comment by saying “once they’re gone, they’re gone!”

So if you have a hyper-specific resolution that centers on stepping outside your Oreo cookie comfort zone in 2020, look no further than these bad boys. Just don’t sleep on them, or you’ll be forced to live in a more boring reality where you can’t dunk chocolate marshmallow flavored cookies into a glass of milk.