Another day, another viral food bouquet.
oreo bouquet
Credit: Walmart

Welcome to 2019, the year of bizarre bouquets. Walmart’s Reese’s arrangement was the first to arrive on the scene, closely followed by Grillo’s pickle-filled version.

But I think it’s safe to say that we’ve finally reached peak bouquet. Friends, feast your eyes on this:


When we say this is an Oreo bouquet, we mean this is an Oreo bouquet. Seriously, it’s all cookie—right down to the cookies and creme vase.

The arrangement is made of 19 large cookie packages—so it should last you at least through the weekend.

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Unfortunately, the $72 bouquet is out of stock at Walmart. It’s not clear if it’ll be available again before Valentine’s Day.

But, if you absolutely must have an Oreo bouquet now (because OF COURSE you must), there is another option!

Here’s how you can easily DIY your own at home: Grab a Costco-sized box of Oreo packages and arrange them into a bouquet shape with hot glue and bamboo kebab skewers. Slap a bow on it and you’re done!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Oreo fans!