One of my favorite summertime activities as a child was making popsicles. Forget the ice cream truck, Momma would line up a row of paper Dixie cups on our kitchen table and my sisters and I would pour in our very own fruity concoctions. Mine were always plain old orange juice--I was never one to live on the wild side. After dropping a popsicle stick in each one (they would subsequently freeze slanted making enjoying these frozen delights a deliciously messy endeavor) we would put them on a tray in the freezer and wait, never patiently.

Though I said farewell to my childhood years ago, my unwavering love for popsicles still remains. And now, no waiting necessary. The Zoku Quick Pop Maker has revolutionized my popsicle making and turned it into, dare I say, an art form. In as little as seven minutes you have your very own homemade pops ready to ward off those blistering summer rays. To keep the kids in on the fun, make sure to pick up a Zoku Quick Pop Character Tool Kit so they can make their pops come to life. If you are looking for a more grown up treat, flip through the Zoku Quick Pops Cookbook for recipes like Coffee Buzz Zoku Pops.

What about you, did you make your own popsicles as a child or wait for the ice cream truck to make its rounds?