When I was visiting my cousins in Atlanta this past weekend, we were treated to brunch at Muss & Turner's in Smyrna. It has the feel of a neighborhood pub, but also has a deli and a restaurant menu featuring casual gourmet food. Apparently one of their favorite mottos is "foie gras in your flip flops."

I did not have foie gras, but I did have a big ol' biscuit sandwich. Let me just say this was a far cry from any drive-thru sausage and biscuit I've ever had! On the brunch menu it's called the "Doowutchyalike", and it's a very large homemade biscuit with an over easy egg, cheddar cheese, and your choice oof Neuske's bacon, fried chicken or homemade sausage. As I find it pretty hard to ever turn down bacon, that was my choice. This huge biscuit also came with some thick and creamy grits. I did not ask, but I'm pretty sure these grits were cooked in cream and almost looked like mashed potatoes with just a little more texture. Being a true Southerner, I can put away some grits, but these were so rich that even I could not finish them. I sure did try.

The entire brunch menu is playful with items such as the Soul Man, the Vincent Vega, and the Cheech & Chong. You'll just have to go there and find out about these yourself. At Muss & Turner's they make everything from scratch and feature produce from local farmers. Other offerings include regular beer and wine tastings, and coming up is a Mother's Day Buffet.

Aside from the great food, which was really great, the atmosphere is delightful. You get the impression that although they take good food seriously, they don't take themselves so seriously. And this makes for a fun dining experience. Our waitress on that Sunday was so cute and friendly that we wanted to invite her to join us for brunch. If ever you find yourself in the Smyrna-Vinings area of Atlanta, check out M&T's. If you eat one of those biscuits and some of those grits, you won't need to eat for the rest of the day.