Finally, something to eat with your breadsticks.
Olive Garden Just Added Spicy Alfredo Chicken Tenders to Its Menu
Credit: Olive Garden

Olive Garden just added Spicy Alfredo Chicken Tenders to its menu and, we’re not gonna lie, just that name itself checks a lot of our boxes.

Spicy? Yes.

Alfredo? Definitely.

Chicken tenders? Here for it, 100-percent.

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According to its description, the tenders are “lightly breaded” and “tossed in spicy alfredo sauce with hot cherry peppers.”

“Call it spicy. Call it Alfredo-y. Call it yummy. Heck, call it whatever you want, but we call it Spicy Alfredo Chicken,” the chain posted to Instagram.

If that’s not enough Alfredo for ya, check this out:

Olive Garden also added the Chicken Alfredo Pizza Fritta to its very, very large menu.

“Chicken, three cheeses and alfredo sauce wrapped in a golden fried pizza dough,” the description states. “Served with homemade alfredo and marinara sauces.”

It looks like both new options are here to stay, as the chain doesn’t identify either as limited-edition.

Get the Spicy Alfredo Chicken Tenders for $8.99 and the Chicken Alfredo Pizza Fritta for $6.99.