And it’s DEFINITELY going to sell out again.

If you’ve ever eaten a meal in or near the state of Maryland, there’s a pretty strong chance that some Old Bay seasoning was on the table or even already (generously) sprinkled onto the food. This proprietary blend of herbs and spices is worth its weight in gold to folks from the Chesapeake Bay, who often regard it as a little taste of home they can take wherever they go.

So if you, a friend, or a loved one happen to have an Old Bay obsession, you should alert them to the existence of McCormick’s Old Bay Hot Sauce ASAP. Made from aged red cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt, and garlic powder, the hot sauce component kicks Old Bay’s existing spice blend up a notch. That makes it the perfect companion to buffalo wings, a bloody Mary, and pretty much anything else that could use hot sauce, Old Bay seasoning, or both, this stuff is a dream come true.

Credit: McCormick


Originally announced in late January 2020 (so approximately three lifetimes ago), the first limited-edition release of Old Bay Hot Sauce sold out faster than you could say “NFL MVP Lamar Jackson.” Hopefully this time around they’ve got enough on hand to keep hungry Marylanders happy, but I’d wager that appeasing their Old Bay appetite is pretty much impossible.

Starting the week of July 6, this magical hot sauce will be available for a limited time from retailers along the eastern seaboard. It’s already sold out on McCormick’s website, so you’ll have to leave the house for this one. If for whatever reason there’s only one bottle left in your local supermarket and it comes down to you and someone in a Ravens jersey or an Orioles hat, just let them have it. It means more to them than you could possibly imagine.