When it comes to Banana Bread, it's something that we make here quite often. I've tried tons of different recipes (just look at all the threads dedicated to Banana Bread on Cooking Light alone, but I keep coming back to the same two: Nigella Lawson's version, which features rum-soaked raisins (hello!) and Paula Deen's version, which features a full stick of butter. If I had a gun to my head


and could only choose one, it would most likely be Nigella's.

Between the four of us in the O'Malley household, bananas don't stand a chance. When they are the brilliant shade of perfect banana yellow, we go through masses of them, including the baby, who practically inhales them. But by the same token, none of us, particularly my son, like them once they go spotty. Once the brown mushy freckles start to appear, my son starts his chant for banana bread. We recently introduced Madeline to it, and the two of them will chomp away on slice after slice, eschewing more sugary, processed snacks, which is absolutely alright by me.

There are thousands of banana bread recipes out there, and we've probably tried a good 20-30 ourselves so far, just in case there's one that beats our top two favorites ... but maybe there's another one out there that is a must-try ... we'd love to hear about your own favorite!