By admin
November 19, 2008

Skirt_steak_with_lemon_and_roaste_2 I love a good steak, medium rare if you please.  When it comes to cooking steak though, I like to follow a recipe because I am clueless as to which cut is good for which style of cooking.  Last week, my son requested steak with rice and black beans, and since I had a craving for some red meat myself, he didn't need to ask twice.  As luck would have it, I happened to have ripped out a recipe for Skirt Steak with Lemon and Chili-Roasted Potatoes from Real Simple magazine, so we were in business in no time flat.

Although the skirt steak that the recipe called for can be a little pricey (it was $7.99/lb when I bought it), it produced such a flavorful, tender bite that I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again (although now I'll just pay attention to skirt steak sales more often).  The potatoes in the recipe didn't turn out the way I like them (my fave is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside), but the steak was spot-on and a definite keeper.  During the summer months, it would taste fantastic on the grill as an alternative cooking method.  Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Real Simple magazine.