I bet I had you at the title, right? Here at MyRecipes, we're all getting into our Thanksgiving preparations and thinking about what fabulous dishes we'll bring to the table this year, and these easy sweet potato rolls from The Kitchn caught my attention.


I'm not really a baking expert, but during the holiday season I yearn to be a baker. So when I saw this recipe for No-Knead Sweet Potato Rolls, I knew what I would be taking to my mother-in-law's house for Thanksgiving. The recipe instructions say that you can make these ahead and freeze them, so that's another plus for this recipe.

I love the subtle sweetness that sweet potatoes add to breads and think that these will be just right served warm and buttered. I figure the sweet potato makes them slightly healthier than regular rolls, so I'll be generous with the butter! What kind of bread are you making for your Thanksgiving meal?